Fast treatment

Do you have a big event coming up that you’d like to improve your smile for? Or perhaps you just have some crooked front teeth you’ve always wanted to tweak? You might be a candidate for fast braces treatment.

What are fast braces?

Fast teeth straightening treatment can be completed from start to finish in six months or less. In order to make this treatment so swift, we usually address only the front top or bottom six teeth (those most visible when you smile) and not your whole smile.


A smile transformation in under six months

Fast braces are often performed in conjunction with cosmetic dental treatments such as veneers or coloured composite bonding, to provide a swift smile transformation. We are happy to work with your dentist to give you a smile you love.


Fast treatment options

There are multiple options Dr Preet can use for fast teeth straightening. He will use his expertise to decide which one is best, or if you could benefit from a mixture of treatments. Your fast treatment may include a partial tooth-coloured brace, removable brace or a limited series of clear aligners.


Who is a candidate for fast treatment?

Fast teeth straightening is usually reserved for mild cases of crowding or spacing. It is also mainly used for adults.

If you have a more complex orthodontic issue, it may only be treatable through comprehensive orthodontic treatment. You can opt to switch your fast treatment to comprehensive at any time during the course of treatment.


Get on the fast track to a straighter smile

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