Invisalign® treatment

Straighten your smile without metal brackets and wires. Using a series of customised clear aligners, Invisalign® can gently guide your teeth into alignment without anyone knowing.

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How does Invisalign® treatment work?

At your first consultation we use our 3D scanner to make a digital model of your smile. We can use this to demonstrate what your smile will look like at each step and to tailor specific treatment goals.

You will be prescribed a series of clear aligners tailored precisely for you. Instead of coming in for brace adjustments, you will progress to a new set of aligners every few days, with our monitoring app, from the comfort of your home. Each successive is shaped slightly differently to gradually nudge your teeth to the best positions.


Treatment that suits your lifestyle

Orthodontic treatment is easier than ever thanks to Invisalign®. As long as you wear your aligners 22 hours a day, you can remove them for important events.

You can even pair your Invisalign® treatment with the Dental Monitoring app, which allows Dr Preet to check in on your progress remotely. This means less visits to the practice and quicker overall treatment.


What are the benefits of Invisalign® treatment?

Invisalign® clear aligners are:


Your customised clear aligners are virtually invisible


Remove for meals and activities and enjoy remote progress monitoring with our app


The smooth aligners won’t irritate cheeks and gums


Precise fit and accurate treatment results based on proven 3D digital scanning and printing technology


Types of Invisalign® treatment

Dr Preet is highly experienced in the use of all Invisalign® programmes. These include:

Comprehensive Invisalign® treatment

can fix most adult orthodontic problems and usually takes 12-18 months

Invisalign® Lite

suitable for patients who only require treatment of front teeth, in 6 months or less

Invisalign® Teen

a great option for self-conscious teenagers or those with active lifestyles/musicians

Invisalign® First

designed for children aged 7-11 this helps shape growing jaws and correct problems where early intervention may be beneficial


Find out if you could benefit from Invisalign® clear aligners

Sign up for your first consultation with the team at Signature Orthodontics today. We can answer all your questions about Invisalign® treatment, and use our 3D digital scanner to show you your future smile.

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